Insights into ghettos, exhibition at the Holocaust Memorial

From Wednesday, November 13 2013 to Sunday, September 28 2014

A closer look at ghettoisation.

The invasion of Poland in September 1939 marked the beginning of the Second World War. In the annexed territories to the east, the German army gathered the Jewish inhabitants in quickly overcrowded and unsanitary ghettos.

A considerable number of photographs of these ghettos can be found today around the world, held in archive centres or in private collections.

But what are these images? Propaganda? A testimony? A denunciation in the name of history? The answers are partly provided by the context of their realisation, the character of the photographer and of course the individual interpretation of each image.

The exhibition presents 250 little-known photographs of ghettos, selected and curated by film director Roman Polanski. From multiple collections in Europe, North America and Israel, the photos were taken in many of the 400 ghettos which existed.