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The Museum's Adventurers: Coelacanth Expedition, exhibition  - From Wednesday, April 30 2014 to Monday, September 8 2014

The Museum's Adventurers: Coelacanth Expedition, exhibition
King of the oceans.

Thirty underwater photographs are exhibited in the Grande Galerie de l'Evolution. Laurent Ballesta, marine biologist and naturalist diver and photographer, together with the scientists at the National Museum of Natural History reveals the first encounter...

Mémoires Vives, exhibition   - From Saturday, May 10 2014 to Sunday, September 21 2014

 Mémoires Vives, exhibition
An exhibition of metamorphosis.

From May 2014, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art invites the public to join the institution in celebrating 30 years of sponsorship and exhibitions. For one year, the community of artists who have featured in the foundation's own story will...

Martial Raysse, exhibition  - From Wednesday, May 14 2014 to Monday, September 22 2014

Martial Raysse, exhibition
Over the 20th century.

Martial Raysse is a multi-talented contemporary artist who built up his reputation slowly, working with all kinds of materials. He worked in the United States during the Pop-Art period, and returned to a more traditional style in the 1970s and 80s. In the...

Unedited History. Iran 1960-2014, exhibition  - From Friday, May 16 2014 to Sunday, August 24 2014

Unedited History. Iran 1960-2014, exhibition
An artistic revolution.

This exhibition explores the recent history of artistic creation in Iran, from 1960 to today. It aims to expand our perception of modernity in connection with Iran and the shifting boundaries of art, locally and globally. The exhibition identifies...

Re-enchanting the World, exhibition  - From Wednesday, May 21 2014 to Monday, October 6 2014

Re-enchanting the World, exhibition
The world is beautiful.

This exhibition was designed together with the 40 winners (2007-2014) of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture. It questions the mission of the architect in an era of great transitions: demographic, urban, environmental, energy, industrial...

Paris Plage as seen by Daumier, exhibition  - From Sunday, June 1 2014 to Tuesday, September 30 2014

Paris Plage as seen by Daumier, exhibition
A dip in the Seine.

During Balzac's time, Parisians liked to take advantage of the Seine's cooling presence from the start of summer, flocking to refresh...

Paris outraged, Paris martyred, but Paris liberated. The Liberation in the Paris region, exhibition  - From Sunday, June 1 2014 to Wednesday, October 1 2014

Paris outraged, Paris martyred, but Paris liberated. The Liberation in the Paris region, exhibition
The harsh combat of history.

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Paris, this exhibition aims to show the historical progress of this major event in the context of French history. Thanks to museum collections and private loans, the exhibition invites us...

L'Etat du ciel. Part 3, exhibition   - From Friday, June 6 2014 to Sunday, September 7 2014

 L'Etat du ciel. Part 3, exhibition
Contemporary art in the clouds.

This exhibition examines the fascination among artists, poets, and philosophers with the physical moral and political factors that have shaped our world. This themed season allows us to discover more than ten different visions or exhibitions which...

Bernard Zehrfuss (1911-1996), exhibition: The poetics of structure  - From Thursday, June 19 2014 to Monday, October 13 2014

Bernard Zehrfuss (1911-1996), exhibition: The poetics of structure
A brilliant career.

A major figure in the architecture of the Glorious Thirties, the first Grand Prix in Rome in 1939 and an architect who adheres to the rationalist tradition, Bernard Zehrfuss committed early on to...

The new events in Paris

Paris: disappeared, restored, exhibition  - From Wednesday, December 12 2012 to Wednesday, December 31 2014

Paris: disappeared, restored, exhibition
Underneath the city lie traces of the past.

The archaeological crypt at Notre-Dame has undergone an extensive renovation programme. A new exhibition dedicated to the history of Paris invites visitors to discover the remains preserved in the crypt, setting them in...

Raw Vision. 25 Years of Art Brut, exhibition  - From Wednesday, September 18 2013 to Friday, August 22 2014

Raw Vision. 25 Years of Art Brut, exhibition
History of popular art.

The Halle Saint Pierre presents an exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of British magazine Raw Vision which was founded in 1989 by John Maizels. A link between the European and American art brut, this reference...

Trillions of ants, exhibition  - From Tuesday, October 15 2013 to Sunday, August 24 2014

Trillions of ants, exhibition
Ant colony.

Did you know that there are over a trillion ants in existence? They first appeared 120 million years ago, and now they are the subject of a special exhibition at the Palais de la Découverte (Discovery Palace), in Paris. Here, visitors of all ages will...