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The Fifties, exhibition  - From Saturday, July 12 2014 to Sunday, November 2 2014

The Fifties, exhibition
Fifty shades of style.

In February 1947, Christian Dior's first collection was to revolutionise the fixed codes within fashion and femininity. he created a new silhouette, the "New Look", which characterises the 50s...

Antiques Biennial  - From Thursday, September 11 2014 to Sunday, September 21 2014

Antiques Biennial
Beautiful objects in an exceptional setting.

Since it was founded in 1956, the Antiques Biennial has always stood out thanks to its desire to present the public and collectors with objects and works of art of exceptional quality.

Ever rigorous in selection, the Read more about Antiques Biennial

Bertrand Bonello, exhibition: Resonances   - From Friday, September 19 2014 to Sunday, October 26 2014

Bertrand Bonello, exhibition: Resonances
Cinema of our time.

A trained musician, Bertrand Bonello has made twelve films since the mid-1990s and as many prototypes. His cinema is at once experimental, sensual and narrative. This unique balance, renewed with each film, answers questions at the heart of contemporary art at...

Marcel Duchamp, paintings, exhibition  - From Wednesday, September 24 2014 to Monday, January 5 2015

Marcel Duchamp, paintings, exhibition
Avant garde.

For some, Marcel Duchamp alone represents modernity in art, and his status as an artist is no longer questioned or challenged. He introduced radical change into the art world with his "ready-mades", effectively killing off painting. However he himself was originally,...

From Ingres to Polke, 7 masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes, exhibition  - From Wednesday, October 1 2014 to Sunday, January 11 2015

From Ingres to Polke, 7 masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes, exhibition
Travelling art.

Originally hailed for its temporary exhibitions, the Petit Palais also contains an outstanding permanent collection, as it is part of the Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Paris. To attract more attention to this section, each year a guest museum, whose collections are...

Hokusai, exhibition  - From Wednesday, October 1 2014 to Thursday, November 20 2014

Hokusai, exhibition
It's now or never.

A protean artist with an extravagant personality, Hokusai was a bold artist who changed his signature some fifty times. He left us a body of work that is both abundant and varied including The great wave off Kanagawa which is probably the most...

Saint Louis, exhibition   - From Wednesday, October 8 2014 to Sunday, January 11 2015

Saint Louis, exhibition
A great Christian king.

Born on April 25, 1214, Louis IX became King of France at the age of 12, reigning from 1226 to his death in 1270. He was canonized in 1297. This anniversary of the birth of St. Louis is not so much a solemn event than a reflection on his life....

Baccarat, crystal treasures, exhibition   - From Wednesday, October 15 2014 to Sunday, January 4 2015

Baccarat, crystal treasures, exhibition
Sparklingly beautiful.

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Baccarat manufactory, the Petit Palais revives the splendor of the Universal Exhibitions, hosting in its main galleries an amazing testimony to the virtuosity of crystal artists...

FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair  - From Thursday, October 23 2014 to Sunday, October 26 2014

FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair
Art attack.

The leaves are turning in Paris, and for art lovers and collectors that can only mean one thing: it's time for the FIAC. The International Contemporary Art Fair or FIAC, is to the French capital what the Frieze Fair is to London Read more about FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair

The new events in Paris

Paris: disappeared, restored, exhibition  - From Wednesday, December 12 2012 to Wednesday, December 31 2014

Paris: disappeared, restored, exhibition
Underneath the city lie traces of the past.

The archaeological crypt at Notre-Dame has undergone an extensive renovation programme. A new exhibition dedicated to the history of Paris invites visitors to discover the remains preserved in the crypt, setting them in...

Red and Black. Greek Vases from the Luynes Collection, exhibition  - From Monday, October 28 2013 to Sunday, January 4 2015

Red and Black. Greek Vases from the Luynes Collection, exhibition
Exceptional Greek vases.

The Duke of Luynes's personal collection, which includes several Greek vases of exceptional quality, was given to the French National Library in 1862. Indeed, the collector gathered a fine selection of vases decorated with figures, mostly from...

Insights into ghettos, exhibition at the Holocaust Memorial  - From Wednesday, November 13 2013 to Sunday, September 28 2014

Insights into ghettos, exhibition at the Holocaust Memorial
A closer look at ghettoisation.

The invasion of Poland in September 1939 marked the beginning of the Second World War. In the annexed territories to the east, the German army gathered the Jewish inhabitants in quickly overcrowded and unsanitary ghettos.

A considerable...