Place Vendôme – World capital of fine jewelry

Like a beautiful kingdom of luxury and elegance, Place Vendôme is home to boutiques of some of the most world famous names in fine jewelry and «haute couture» (high fashion).  Just a 10 minute walk from this 5-star hotel, Place Vendôme is the perfect place for a day of shopping in an elegant and sophisticated setting.

Luxury fashion and jewelry boutiques

Place Vendôme is in the shape of an octagon and opens onto the main Parisian thoroughfare of Rue De la Paix, famous for its high fashion boutiques.  The most world-renowned names in fine jewelry compete with creative designs to attract the attention of visitors to the most luxurious city square in Paris.

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Architecture and the Colonne Vendôme (Vendôme Column)

The designs for Place Vendôme were drawn up by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the first architect of the Roi Soleil (Sun King) Louis XIV.  Surrounded by magnificent facades, most of which are listed as historic Paris monuments, Place Vendôme was completed in 1810 with the construction of the impressive Colonne Vendôme, a monument built in honor of Napoleon Bonaparte’s armies.