A Romantic strolls on the banks of the Seine River

Just steps from this 5-star hotel, the Seine River awaits you for a romantic stroll along its banks and a truly Parisian experience.  Explore the many bridges, monuments and little «bouquinistes» (outdoor bookshops) along the banks of the Seine River. The banks of the Seine River in Paris have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1991.

Peniches and bateaux mouches (Barges and Riverboats)

The “Bateaux Mouches” are an integral part of the Parisian landscape along the banks of the Seine River.  During the day or in the evening, enjoy excellent food while discovering the legendary sites of the French capital.  The peniche (barge) is the typical kind of boat found on the Seine River and is ideal for exploring Paris during a romantic getaway.  These boats are much more than a means of transportation and some Parisians have even made them their home!

The bouquinistes (outdoor bookshops) on the banks of the Seine River

The «bouquinistes» of Paris are book peddlers who sell antique and used books along most of the banks of the Seine. These booksellers are lovers of literature and also sell stamp collections, magazines and antique postcards.